We want you know what’s in the food you eat and the items you buy. So when we’re notified about product recalls and alerts, we want you to know, quickly. We always post information here, and we’ll also email individuals on our email list for larger recalls.

If you purchased affected items, please return them to one of our stores for a full refund. If you’ve used a product and are experiencing any symptoms, please see your healthcare provider without delay. Your safety comes first.

Recent recalls and alerts

Hu Products | Recall

May 18, 2023

Hu Products has recalled one lot of their Vanilla Crunch Dark Chocolate Bars because some packages may contain undeclared hazelnuts, cashews, or almonds. Details are:

  • Hu Vanilla Crunch Dark Chocolate Bar, UPC 850180006206, best by date of 12/09/2024

Catalina Crunch Cereals | Recall

February 16, 2023

Catalina Snacks has withdrawn a variety of cereals because the products may be subject to metal contamination. Details are:

  • Catalina Crunch Cheddar Crunch Mix, 6 pack, UPC 850017468160, best by dates of 2/15/2023 and 2/22/2023
  • Catalina Crunch Chocolate Peanut Butter Cereal, 6 pack, UPC 850017468184, best by dates of 8/1/2023 and 8/8/2023
  • Catalina Crunch Fruity Cereal, 6 pack, UPC 850017468085, best by date of 8/1/2023
  • Catalina Crunch Honey Graham Cereal, 6 pack, UPC 860479001553, best by date of 7/25/2023
  • Catalina Crunch Maple Waffle Cereal, 6 pack, UPC 860479001539, best by dates of 7/25/2023 and 8/15/2023

Nature’s Path Koala Crisp Cereal | Market withdrawal

February 9, 2023

Nature’s Path has withdrawn Envirokids Koala Crisp cereal because the product does not meet taste standards. Details are:

  • Nature’s Path Envirokids Koala Crisp Cereal, 12/11.5 oz box, UPC 58449860037, best by date of 2/6/2024 / 240206
  • Nature’s Path Envirokids Koala Crisp Cereal, 16/25.6 oz bag, UPC 58449870135, best by date of 2/5/2024 / 240205

Rao’s Chicken & Gnocchi and Vegetable Minestrone soups | Recall

January 29, 2023

Sovos has voluntarily recalled Rao’s soup jars labeled as Chicken and Gnocchi because they may contain Vegetable Minestrone, and also jars of Vegetable Minestrone, because the minestrone may contain egg, an allergen not declared on either of the soup’s labels. People who are allergic to eggs run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reactions if they consume the minestrone (either in its correct jar or in the jar labeled as Chicken and Gnocchi). Details are:

  • Rao’s Made for Home Slow Simmered Soup, Chicken & Gnocchi, UPC 747479400015, best by date of 11/15/2024
  • Rao’s Made for Home Slow Simmered Soup, Vegetable Minestrone, UPC 747479400046, best by date of 11/15/2024

SkinnyDipped Dark Chocolate Cocoa Almonds | Recall

January 20, 2023

Wild Things Snacks Inc. has voluntarily recalled SkinnyDipped Dark Chocolate Cocoa Almonds (3.5 oz) because an ingredient in the item had an undeclared peanut allergen. People who are allergic to peanuts run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reactions if they consume this product. Details are:

  • SkinnyDipped Dark Chocolate Cocoa Almonds, 3.5 oz, UPC 861297000308, best by dates of 4/20/24 and 4/21/2024

Zand Vitamin C Lozenges | Market withdrawal

January 3, 2023

Nutraceutical Corporation has voluntarily withdrawn Zand Vitamin C Lozenges because the company was not satisfied with the quality. Details are:

  • Zand Orange Vitamin C Lozenge, UPC 041954000128, best buy date of 04/2025, Lot # 2204281

Alpha Foods Chik’n Fajita Burrito | Recall

December 22, 2022

Alpha Foods Burritos has voluntarily recalled certain items due to the potential presence of undeclared dairy (casein). The items affected (that Lakewinds carries) are:

  • Chik’n Fajita Burrito UPC 855099007047, best by dates of 3/15/2024, 4/13/2024, 4/19/2024

Amy’s Bean N Cheese Burritos | Recall

November 17, 2022

Amy’s Kitchen has voluntarily recalled its frozen, gluten-free bean and cheese burritos due to the potential presence of white plastic. The affected items’ details are:

  • Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Bean & Cheese Burrito, UPC 0-42272-00353-2, best by date of 8/2024, lot code 30H0922

Product recalls versus product alerts

Product recalls

The FDA and our vendors notify us about product recalls. We immediately remove those items from our shelves, email customers, and post the information on our website. To make sure you get emails from us, please subscribe at the bottom of this page.

Product alerts

Sometimes we’re sent product alerts, which are not formal recalls. We review the alert to see if there’s a health risk involved. If so, we remove the product from our shelves, post an alert on our website, and follow up with the vendor to see if there’s further information our customers should know.

See the FDA site for a full list of current recalled products.