Our community of shoppers, owners, and employees is committed to reflecting our co-op values by supporting the local farming community. As part of this mission, the Lakewinds Organic Field Fund (LOFF) grant program was created in 2011. Since the LOFF program’s inception, Lakewinds has given over $725,000 in grants to more than 85 farms. As the donation impact on local farms became clear, and Lakewinds shoppers and owners increased, the decision was made in 2015 to increase both the scale of farms accepted and the money donated.

The goal of LOFF is to provide funding to farmers working on the development and sustainability of organics through:

  • Financial support for the process of organic transition
  • Earning organic certification
  • Improvement to packing sheds and other facilities
  • Purchase of equipment and tools
  • Purchases that increase farm productivity or efficiency
  • Projects that improve soil health
  • Other projects that benefit the farm

We no longer provide LOFF grants to 501(c)3 or nonprofit organizations.

“This grant program allows us to support smaller organic farms, which is a key element in our effort to cultivate a vibrant and sustainable local food system.”

– Dale Woodbeck, former general manager