We pride ourselves on having a produce department that is, on average, 95% organic. During the local growing season, we offer more than 150 fresh varieties of fruits and vegetables grown locally.

Our focus will always be on organic produce, but we do allow sustainably grown, non-organic produce for items not found on the “dirty dozen” list, with two exceptions. The first exception is made for small-scale, local farmers who can’t obtain organic certification for financial reasons, but who follow organic practices. We also make an exception for sustainably sourced, cut and packaged fruit that is not organic and not found on the dirty dozen list, for our customers’ convenience.

We allow non-organic produce on the dirty dozen list in our stores only for local apples, cherries and peaches grown with IPM (integrated pest management), which means the farmer controls pests using beneficial insects and habitat manipulation, only using pesticides as a last resort and as little as possible.

See the 2021 dirty dozen list here.

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