All are welcome

Everyone is welcome at Lakewinds Food Co-op, and you can shop here whether or not you’re an owner. But when you become an owner, you become part of a truly unique organization that:

  • Partners with local, organic farmers
  • Follows quality standards that result in clean, nutritious, sustainably grown and ethically raised food
  • Supports the local economy
  • Provides fair wages, good working conditions and great benefits
  • Gives back to the community through financial and food donations


Benefits of ownership

Join the co-op for a one-time $90 purchase, which is good for life. Here are the perks available to owners:

  • 5% off one shop each month

Once per month, on the day you choose, enjoy 5% off your purchase. Sorry, but eggs, milk, and bread are not included.

  • Owner-only discounts

Throughout the month, we provide discounts that are only for owners, to give you extra thanks.

  • Case discounts

As an owner, you get 10% off when you a buy a case of an item. Case sizes vary; stop by a customer service desk for details.

  • Co-op leadership

Each owner share gets one vote in our annual election for our board of directors. Owners also have the opportunity to run for a seat on the board.

  • Annual patronage refund

In profitable years, you receive a patronage dividend, which is based on the amount you spent that fiscal year.